LISTEN AGAIN will develop a new method to train the spatial awareness in children with hearing loss using virtual reality technology (VR glasses). VR technology is increasingly being used in the rehabilitation and training of specific skills for both children and adults. However, this is the first time that this type of VR technology is being used to train children with hearing loss. The project includes 26 children and young people with hearing loss between the ages of 9-12. The children are directly involved in the form of focus group interviews and questionnaires, and a small group of children help to develop a prototype of the training tools that the VR game must contain, and an associated reflection tool.

Parents and professionals around the children are also involved in the project through interviews and dialogue meetings. Part of the goal of LISTEN AGAIN is also to develop concrete, practice-oriented materials such as information materials, checklists, templates for structured action plans and observation forms. It must ensure that knowledge from the project becomes easier to implement in everyday life for both families, teachers, educators and speech-hearing consultants.